20 May Sunday Suppers Series

On Sunday May 20, 2018 Chris Casey and Doug Weiss hosted the first Sunday Supper of 2018.

They, along with 10, friends enjoyed an artisanal dinner prepared by Chef Matt Marcus, owner and Executive Chef of Watershed. Chef Marcus presented a creative and eclectic menu for all to enjoy! “We had a great time hosting a Sunday Supper for MOWA this year! Chef Matt Marcus and his team from Watershed were fantastic! Our Supper was a great opportunity to bring friends together and raise funds to support MOWA.” –  Chris Casey

“Eat the Bag” Coconut/Lime/Vanilla Powder; Served in an Edible Bag

Compressed Pear/Shiso/Dehydrated Bressola

Soft Sunchoke/Cajun Caviar/Hemp Milk Emulsion/Sunchoke Chip

Pied Du Cochon/Poached Quail Yolk/Pickled Romanesco

Aviation Legos

Roasted Eye of Rib/Geezers Smoked Tater Salad/Pan Peach Gravy/Potato Leaves In oil

Assorted Chocolates

Koji Ice Cream/Celebration of Strawberry

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