23 May Private: Triage Employee Volunteer Day

On Friday, May 12, Triage employees came to MOWA to volunteer in our kitchen and Northside Senior Center. In our kitchen, the employees packed 245 pieces of bread, plated 575 meals, and prepared 35 deliveries for Saturday. In Northside Senior Center, Triage played Bean Bag Baseball with 17 seniors, winning with a score of 19 to 13.


With 100 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, Atlanta’s senior population is rapidly expanding and is expected to increase 65.8% by 2030. Additionally, Fulton County has the highest percentage of seniors living in poverty (12%), living alone (nearly 50%), and having difficulty leaving the home (25%) when compared to the rest of the region (Atlanta Regional Commission, 2012).


Meal Services: Our flagship program includes home-delivered meals, congregate meals, and emergency pantry bags.

Home Repair Services: We provide free and low-cost home repairs so that seniors can stay in their own homes and communities as they age.

Adult Day Health Center: Our Adult Day Health Center provides specialized care for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Our Center is a medical model and licensed by the State of Georgia.

Neighborhood Senior Centers: We manage six Fulton County Neighborhood Senior Centers, providing a place of community, support, wellness and activity for seniors age 60 or older.

Thank you Triage!

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