Meal Services

At a time when one out of six Georgia seniors does not know when or where their next meal will come from, Meals On Wheels Atlanta provides a critical safety net for seniors in need. The Meal Services program provides nourishing home delivered meals Tuesday through Saturday to frail, homebound and/or low-income seniors residing in Fulton County.

In order to qualify to receive Meal Services meal recipients must be:
  • 60 years and older
  • Fulton county residents
  • Low income

Meal delivery benefits seniors who are unable to prepare or afford the nutrition they need due to extenuating circumstances such as a disability or extreme poverty. When designing our menus, we consult with a certified nutritionist, which enables us to offer meals that meet most dietary restrictions.
Our current menu selections are:
  • Regular Menu: For people who have no preferential or therapeutic diet requirements. This meal is high in calories and protein and meets 2/3 of an adult’s nutrient needs for the day.
  • Mechanical Soft Menu: Designed to minimize the amount of chewing necessary to ingest food. It also restricts foods that irritate the mouth or throat (i.e. spicy and acidic foods). This menu also works for people with mouth and esophageal sores.
  • Diabetic Menu: For people who have diabetes or hyperglycemia. It is restricted to 1800 calories by limiting carbohydrates and fat.
  • 2-Gram Sodium Menu: For people who cannot have more than 2000 milligrams of sodium each day (ex. someone with hypertension). There are approximately 660 mg of sodium per meal.
  • Renal Menu: For people who have chronic renal insufficiency or other renal problems. The meals are designed for clients who must follow a diet containing 60 grams protein (20 g/meal), 2 grams sodium (660 mg/meal), and 2 grams potassium (660 mg/meal). This menu excludes tomatoes, potatoes, bananas and oranges
  • No Pork Menu: For people who do not want pork included in their diet.
  • No Fish Menu: For people who do not want any fish included in their diet.
  • Vegetarian Menu: For people who do not want meat of any kind included in their diet.

Meals On Wheels Atlanta delivers 200,000 meals annually to seniors in Atlanta. Right now, our waiting list has more than 130 seniors waiting for meals on wheels.

For more information, please contact Tenille Johnson, Intake Coordinator/Case Manager 404.351.3889 ext. 303