Home Repair Services

The focus of the Home Repair Services (HRS) department is to complete repairs that make a senior client’s home safe, accessible and up to code with the goal of allowing the senior to remain in their home for a long as possible. With that goal in mind the HRS department focuses primarily on minor repairs. In addition, the repairs made are focused on the living area occupied and utilized by the senior so that each senior has safe and usable access to bathroom, kitchen, living and sleeping areas.

In all cases a potential client must submit an application for services and meet underwriting requirements including: age, income, residency, proof of ownership, and proof of homeowners insurance. It is important to note that as funding sources and funder underwriting guidelines change the repair list and service availability is subject to change. As well, once service is received clients are not eligible to receive additional services until the expiration of a waiting period, typically 2-3 years.

For more information please contact

Home Repair Staff

Joseph Guy

Director of Home Repair Services

Mara Burks

Administrative Services
404-351-3889 ext.245