History & Mission


So no Atlanta area senior is hungry, cold or forgotten.


To support senior independence through meals, shelter, education and community.


We will treat our seniors with compassion, respect and dignity.
We will implement innovative and high quality services in response to senior needs.
We will promote community involvement, collaboration and volunteerism.
We will manage our resources responsibly.
We will model and create best practices.
We will educate the community about senior needs.


Meals On Wheels Atlanta (MOWA) was created as Senior Citizen Services in 1965 when a community assessment determined that Atlanta lacked sufficient resources or infrastructure to meet the existing and expanding needs of elderly citizens. Meal delivery began in 1970 and has expanded consistently since then to keep up with the increasing number of seniors in need. In the 30 years before 2000, the senior population of Atlanta doubled. By 2015, it will double again. To keep up with this growth, Meals On Wheels Atlanta has continued to expand our services to provide an essential safety net for homebound adults and low income seniors in Atlanta.

Through the years, our mission has remained steadfast: to support senior independence through meals, shelter, education and community. Each year, MOWA accomplishes this by delivering nutritious meals, repairing homes, providing community and wellness support, and helping seniors and their families manage Alzheimer's and dementia.